Here are the answers to some common questions we get asked:

1. I haven’t sung in a choir in years/ my singing voice isn’t great/ I couldn’t find my singing voice with GPS and OnStar service.  Can I still join?

Yes!  The choir is non-auditioned, so there is no barrier to entry.  We work on tone, breath control and vocal production during rehearsals, so in addition to learning some fun music, you will effectively be getting some singing lessons as well.

Lots of people get told as kids that they can’t sing, and spend the rest of their lives thinking that’s true.  Your singing voice is likely better than you think!

2. I don’t speak any of the Celtic languages.  Can I join?

Yes! We assume that choir members don’t have any grounding in the Celtic languages.  Pronunciation guides are provided for all songs not in English or French.

3. I can’t read music.  Can I join?

Yes! We also assume that choir members don’t necessarily have any background in music.  All parts are recorded on mp3, and uploaded to a secure website.  Just download your parts, and practice in the place you’re most comfortable singing! (Our choir director practices in the car, for example).

4. Does it cost money to be in the choir?

Yes, there’s a small fee of $15 a month, or $10 for students and seniors to join the choir.  This cost covers rental of rehearsal and performance spaces, reproduction of music, and payment for our accompanist.  If you are keen to join the choir, but find yourself in straightened circumstances, drop us a line to work something out.

5. Where and when do you rehearse?

We rehearse each Tuesday night, from 7:15 pm to 9:15 pm, at St. John the Evangelist Church on Somerset and Elgin.  Click here for a map.


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